Western European Bank account with Credit Card and Internet Banking

For a nominal fee, Privacy World will supply you with a Western European savings account, including swift wire transfers. Plus you get Internet-BANKING. Do your banking business anonymously by phone or via the Internet with a secret code that is provided to you direct from the bank. This Western European bank account is yours in just a few days. No need to travel to open your account.

We do everything for you guaranteed, or your money back if we fail to deliver. In addition to operating your account by phone or fax, you can use Wire transfers or cheque's into and out of account. A European accommodation address for one year with mail receiving and forwarding facilities can be included at a nominal cost ($300). All for a remarkably low cost.

Our introduction fee is just USD$1,000 plus there is a minimum opening balance of USD$1,000, which you remit direct to the bank, not to Privacy World. These funds must be left of deposit for money management at all times your account is active. They are returned once you close your account. Notarized passport Copy required! Once we receive you're introduction fee, we'll email you the bank's application form. NO BANK REFERENCES REQUIRED!

A security deposit is required for issuance of your credit card once your account is opened. The amount on deposit is your credit limit. For example, you have US$2,250 on balance in your account, your credit card has a US$2,250 credit limit. US$10,000 on deposit and you have a US$10,000 credit limit, etc.

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