Swiss No name, No ID ATM card

Here is a NEW ATM card offer that provides complete anonymity for your cash from the wall withdrawals from the top banking country in the world ... Switzerland.

This ATM card is from the top banking haven in the world. A no name, no ID ATM card from Switzerland. This card is first class from the best banking country in the world!

Your card can be loaded by e-gold, bank to bank wire, bankers draft, money orders, etc. Loading fee is just 4%. Unlike most ATM cards that expire in a year or two, this Swiss card NEVER expires.

This bearer and totally anonymous ATM card is just €uro 1,250 for the Euro card or US$1,750 for the USD card. Much like the secret Swiss numbered accounts, this special ATM card comes with a number only... No name appears on it! It is a totally unique product and comes fully anonymous for your total security.

You can obtain either a Euro denominated card or a USD denominated card, whichever you prefer. Maximum load is Eur or USD 10,000 at any one time. Card amount should not exceed that limit.

You can check your balance on-line or call a special Swiss number to change your pin, check your balance 24/7, etc.

To obtain this highly prestigious and valuable card, all we require is an address and contact telephone number (for courier use only,) to send it to and your payment. Once we receive payment and address details your card is sent by courier direct to you. It couldn't be faster or easier.

The card operates on the Cirrus system which offers more than 900,000 ATM machine worldwide for anonymous hole in the wall cash withdrawals.

This is an extremely flexible card and an even rarer opportunity, which won't last long! Big brother is tightening rules around the world, so secure your anonymous ATM card while you can. We challenge anyone on the Internet to find a more anonymous product than this!

Here's your options.

  1. For Eur 1,250 or US$1,750 we supply a Swiss bankers ATM card with the ability for you to withdraw up to Eur 10,000 or US$10,000 (or local currency equivalent) without the bank requiring ID. You can do this month after month, year after year because the card never expires.
  2. You can load your card by e-gold and bank wire, etc. 4% fee applies.
  3. You can check balance on-line or by a private non traceable Swiss telephone number.
  4. Card comes pre-loaded with USD or Eur 100 on it.
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