Standard Debit Card

Here is an ATM card offer that provides your basic requirements from a privacy haven.

This ATM debit card is issued from a privacy friendly bank from within the European Union. Though a copy of your passport and a recent utility bill is required for this basic ATM card, the bank offers top level privacy under very strict privacy laws.

Your card can be loaded by bank to bank wire, western union, bankers draft, money orders, etc. Loading fee is just 1.8%. This card is valid for three years and renewal thereafter for a nominal cost.

You can check your card balance online with this extremely flexible debit card.

This highly valued card is just Euro 695 including shipping. Scanned passport copy and recent utility bill required.

You can obtain either a Euro denominated card or a USD denominated card, whichever you prefer. There is no maximum load for this card at any time.

You can check your balance on-line or change your pin 24/7, etc.

To obtain this valuable card, all we require is your fee and a short application to be filled out and returned direct to us. Within 2 working days, you'll receive the bank' card application, which you simply sign (it's completed already for you,) and courier direct to banking source along with a copy of your passport.

It couldn't be faster or easier.

The card operates on the Master Card system which offers hundreds of thousands of ATM machine worldwide for hole in the wall cash withdrawals.

This is an extremely flexible card. Big brother is tightening rules around the world, so secure your offshore ATM card while you can.

Here's the best news!

There are no daily, weekly or monthly limits on this card. You can withdraw hundreds of thousands of US$'s or Euro's every month. So long as you have cleared funds on your card, the sky's the limit!

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