Sundry Volumes

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  • The Survivors

    By Alexander Davidson. The world's first fiction novel written especially for PT's. The Survivors describes in authentic detail how to make millions out of the stock market in just six months by a devious (not recommended) scam that has actually been carried out in the City of London. More importantly, this extraordinary novel describes how the super-rich preserve their capital and increase its value. This at times entails concealing identities,establishing mail drops, opening confidential bank accounts, establishing domiciles, buying second and third passports and Lloyd's membership. So realistic are the events described in this internationalised fiction novel that we guarantee upon reading it, you will be inspired into investigating tax havens, getting a second passport and allowing your wealth to snowball effortlessly while you get on with enjoying what life has to offer the super-rich. 190 pages.
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  • Safer Planet Sex: The Handbook

    By Tuppy Owens Your Guide to Fun Around the World. The world's most comprehensive sex guide lists where it's all happening around the world. Clear directions to venues, clubs, pick up joints and sexual haunts in over 60 countries. No stone is left unturned, 8 chapters lead you through every conceivable sex subject from fetishes to porn stars, from exhibitions to spanking from visual desire to sex therapy. You name it, Tuppy has it covered. Over 21 years of international sex research has preceded the production of this pocket-sized sequel to the Sex Maniac's Bible. Tuppy says." I make no judgments about my readers. Business men go to fetish clubs, punks visit whores, women read porn, naturists have kinks, most people like a little sleaze and a little glamour". 270 pages.
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