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During our recent holiday, Privacy World traveled high and low around the world searching for new, better and less expensive products for our customers. An old expatriate friend long based in Japan, turned us on to a highly reliable, well established mail drop for just Euro 400 per annum plus a small set up fee (Eur 100) and postage deposit.

You can acquire this highly prestigious street address that accepts courier deliveries, for a fraction of what was formerly charged.

This firm was established in 1995 and provides services for mostly former GI's and other expatriates, whilst offering a high level of service. Mail is forwarded to you the same day it is received.

Mail to and from North America takes 5 to 7 working days and even less to Europe, very good service indeed. The Euro 250, plus a one time set up fee of Euro 100 and a Euro 50 postage deposit is all-inclusive and includes a street address for normal mail receiving and forwarding purposes. For a slightly higher rate (Euro 350) you can obtain a street address that will accept both one personal name and one company name for accepting your mail.

All mail is forwarded the same day it is received at actual postage cost. Extra services included is a Tokyo fax number, which further enhances this remarkable bargain and reliable service.

We were greatly impressed by this service and therefore recommend it to our readers. Best of all, you receive your Asian mail drop address in just 24 hours from the time we receive funds and a completed application. Just fill out the order form below and add 10% surcharge for credit card orders.

Thank you,
Privacy World

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1. (Select country) ____________________________

2.Name only to accept mail in: _____________________

(Please note-one personal name or one company name only.

Please add Euro 100 for each additional name).

3. Code word or Number for future instructions ___________________________________

4. Name to forward mail to you:_________________________________________________

5. Address: _________________________________

6. City & Postal Code: ________________________

7. Country: _________________________________

8. Special Instructions: ____________________________________________________

9. Please include a contact e-mail address or fax number___________________________

(in case we need to contact you about this service).

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