Privacy World's Privacy Policy

Privacy World (PW) does not spam, rent, lend or sell customers names, addresses, information and or email addresses to anyone.

All ordering customers' details are kept in secure encryption format until the end of Privacy World's money back guarantee period, at which time all customers information, credit card and or other remittance details are securely deleted and shredded.

All customers ordering mail drop, accommodation addresses from or through Privacy World are encouraged to provide a password or pin number. PW or its mail accommodation address providers hold customer's details in a secure encrypted format which is impossible for Privacy World or the provider to decrypt without the customer sending the password or pin each time customer requests a change or gives new instructions. If you lose the password or pin, you understand that changes can not be made until renewal time comes or your start new service.

All customers agree by placing an order with Privacy World that all products and services are sold subject to the customer abiding by the laws and regulations of the country they are a citizen and resident of. It is further understood and agreed that it is the sole responsibility of the customer to know and understand the laws of their country of nationality and residency when ordering any offshore product or service.

All ID products are sold with the understanding that they are novelty items and Privacy World does not warrant the use of them otherwise. If you do not understand this, do not order.

It is understood that all customers will use the products and services in a lawful manner and that it is their sole responsibility to know whether or not any particular product or service runs contrary to current laws within their country of nationality or residency.

Customers hereby agree by ordering any product or service from Privacy World that Privacy World shall be held harmless in all cases and that PW does not warrant the use of any purchased goods or services herein, other than PW's money guarantee as stated within this web site.

If you are in doubt about any product or service, hire a professional, a solicitor, attorney, tax accountant, or the proper licensed professional within the country of your nationality and /or residency, as Privacy World is NOT offering legal, accounting or any other professional advice at any time or via any means of communications hereof.

Thank you for your attention.