Privacy World Anonymous Debit/Credit Card Program

Here's an affordable anonymous Debit/Credit Card which is yours for the asking. Maintain your anonymity or if you have bad credit, use this new credit card for your on-line, ATM cash withdrawals and other electronic purchases.

The issuing bank is located in a privacy friendly country! This bank knows and respects what the meaning of customer privacy is!

All that is required for you to secure this highly valuable credit card is a completed order form (see below.)

Please note that this card now has a maximum load of 100,000 USD per month, ATM 6,000 and POS 8,000 per day.

To open a card account we need:
  • copy of passport of government ID
  • proof of address, like bank/credit card statement or utility bill.
That's about as easy and it gets.

Your picture ID and recent utility bill can be emailed to us in jpeg format and in a size not to exceed 450 K bytes.

Alternatively if you do not have a picture ID, we can have a picture ID and utility bill created for you that will be acceptable to the issuing bank.

If you require that Privacy World supplies the ID and utility bill for you, add USD 1,250 to the US$660 card cost for this service.

Privacy World always shreds and destroys all ordering information after our money back guarantee expires.

Here are the full particulars for this exciting new product:
  • Credit Card is a re-loadable card and can be funded via a bank wire.
  • Minimum opening deposit is only US$500, which you must include along with the cost for the card to us
  • Use your credit credit card ANYWHERE on-line where merchants accept credit cards. That means millions of on-line sites
  • Your card can also be used as an ATM cash withdrawal facility worldwide.
  • Can also be used anywhere electronic purchases are accepted!
  • Full balance and purchase verification available on-line 24/7
  • You'll receive your personal Credit Card with your CVV2 or three digit security number delivered to your address of choice; including full loading instructions and all on-line balance and purchase verification details.
  • The card is valid for two years and a renewal card is issued for a small fee thereafter.
  • The maximum load is US$100,000 so there really are not many loading restrictions.


Fees applicable to your use of the Card are set forth:

Description Cardholder Fee
Domestic POS Purchase $0.60
Domestic ATM Withdrawal $0.90
Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry $0.75
International POS Purchase $0.75
International ATM Withdrawal $2.75
International ATM Balance Inquiry $0.90
Load Fee $1.00
Card to Card $2.50
Card to Phone $0.25
Monthly Membership $1.75
IVR $0.25
Live Customer Service $1.00
Dormancy Fee $1.00
Card Cancellation $5.00
Lost/Stolen Replacement $15.00
PIN Replacement $1.00
Statement Request $1.00
Renewal (2 years) $9.50
Card Cost $9.50

Let us know if you want some additional ID backup, if only to be on the safe side, we offer a number of those. (All legit documents, no forgeries, no stolen or "lost" papers.)

As to the address, this is critical because the cc will be typically be sent by courier and recipient has to sign for receipt. If you don't have that, let us know - we can assist you involving a one time only foreign maildrop. However, you would still need a functional address in that name later for the bank to send you monthly statements.

If you want us to set up a regular foreign maildrop for these purposes, we can offer you this service from US$ 250, including: US$ 200 basic fee/yr.; US$ 30 deposit against postage and communication charges; US$ 20 one time setup fee.

This would give you an address in your chosen name in Switzerland; weekly forwarding of mail included, additional forwarding at a nominal handling fee (US$ 0.5 per letter, US$ 0.6 per fax Actual postage and communication charged incurred are always extra, and will be withheld from deposit.

US$ 660 (including shipping) PLUS your first load of USD 500 is our flat fee for setting up the card.

USD 1,910 is the cost for the one time use of our no ID option, PLUS your first load of USD 500

Time frame

Due to mounting interest in this program, the bank's reaction time is a bit hard to calculate in advance. We've seen it all: from one week to a full month and a half, and as this is beyond our influence, we are reluctant to guarantee a definite time frame. However, by way of a rule of thumb, expect approximately 2 weeks processing time.

Money back guarantee

Should you not receive a cc issued in the name of your choosing and compliant with the features listed above, we will refund you in full.

To order just click here to proceed to our secure on-line order form. Your ordering code is "NNCC".

Thank you for your custom.

Privacy World