No Name ATM/Debit Card

Here is an excellent offshore card solution - a NO NAME offshore Visa Electron pre-paid debit card denominated in EUR issued by a stable European Union based bank.

Your no name atm card can be loaded via a bank wire or Western Union by you, your customers or anyone. Full details come with a paid order.

Online balance viewing is also included.

These cards have the 3 digit CVC code on the back activated so that they can be used like a credit card for internet and mail/telephone order transactions. They are accepted at all merchants anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide so long as the merchant processes their cards electronically which is now almost universal. The card is accepted at all ATM's with the Plus and/or Visa logo and has a EUR 3,000 daily cash withdrawal maximum. There is a EUR 300 maximum per single swiped ATM transaction, but just about all ATM's allow multiple transactions in succession with the same card. The POS daily maximum is the same as well, however it is possible to do a single transaction up to the daily EUR 3000 limit in this way.

Each card can be loaded with a maximum of EUR 80,000 per annum and this amount can be loaded in its entirety upon activation if desired.

One card is allowed per cardholder.

Card fees are as follows: ATM cash withdrawal fee: EUR 3.80, POS transaction fee EUR 1.50, monthly fee EUR 3.80, load fee EUR 3.80 (+ 1% by wire transfer, + 3% by cheque, + 7.5% by Western Union).

Shipping can be by international postal mail which is free but can take quite a few weeks so we strongly recommend paying extra for courier delivery which is EUR 50. You will also need to include EUR 100 as an initial card load as the bank will not activate a card account without a minimum deposit just like a regular bank account cannot be opened without an initial deposit.

A minimum EUR 20 balance must be maintained and if the card balance falls below EUR 10 at any time the account is automatically closed and cannot be re-opened without going through the account opening procedure all over again, paying the replacement card fee and obtaining a new card. Due to constantly changing currency exchange rates we advise that the initial minimum load amount be kept on the card as a buffer in case you miscalculate the currency conversion rate from your local currency to EUR and/or forget to take into account ATM and POS transaction fees.

Passport or ID copy and a current utility bill required.

The cost for your very own NO NAME ATM CARD is just Euro 595 including initial load and courier cost.

Order from our secure web site order form here to pay by bank wire, MoneyGram, Western Union, Pecunix or Liberty Reserve.

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