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No Name No ID ATM Card
This Card Has Passed The test of Time!
Your very own Totally Anonymous NO NAME NO ID Debit Card!

This No Name NO ID Debit Card does not bear any personal details about its holder on the card or when used from a ATM till or elsewhere!

We've looked high and low for this exciting product and it just might be the best anonymous ATM card opportunity today!

This pre-paid anonymous card product is issued by a privacy friendly bank located outside of NORTH AMERICA and unstable EU banks is a member of SWIFT.

The card itself has no name printed, embossed or encoded on it, so it cannot be associated with any specific person. Clients will have direct access to real time card balance both on-line and by telephone access.

Your no name no id card can be funded by USD wire transfer or Western Union. Note that this card is designated for electronic use only so it cannot be used in manual imprinters, but works great for online purchases and cash withdrawals worldwide.

This card offers you the ability to withdraw up to US$2,500 per day and up to US$10,000 per month. There is a daily load limit of US$2,500 and US$10,000 allowed on your card at any one time. In other words you can wire US$10,000 (or more) to card source then instruct them to load US$2,500 per day for 4 days. Then after 4 loads of US$2,500 each or $10,000, you can withdraw the entire US$10,000 in 4 goes at any hole in the wall worldwide in total anonymity. ATM Withdrawal Fee 3 USD
  1. ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History 0.5 USD
  2. ATM Transaction Decline 0.5 USD
  3. Online & POS Transaction fee 1 USD
  4. Online & POS Decline fee 0.5 USD
  5. Monthly Administrative fee 3.5 USD
  6. Card Load Fee 15 USD
  7. Card to Card Transfer 2 USD
  8. Card Replacement Fee (if lost/stole or damaged) 25 USD
  9. Inactive Fee (90 days) 10 USD
  10. The maximum reload amount 2.500 USD
  11. Maximum per prepaid card a month 10.000 USD
  12. The minimum total to obtain from ATM 10 USD
  13. Minimum balance 10 USD
Cost for the NO name - NO ID ATM card is Euro 2,350 per card including your first $100 load and courier delivery to anywhere in the world. Only one card per customer.

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