Mail Drops

Privacy World has a select group of mail drops for privacy seekers. No ID is required for service from most of our providers..

Some mail drops offer a street address that will accept courier deliveries and other addresses are PO boxes, which are naturally, less expensive.

Just send us an e-mail at for the area of your choice, and we'll get back to you with full details, including prices on offer. Some locales, including PO Boxes, may offer fax service.

We gladly accept E-Gold, Western Union and Bank-to-bank wires for services. Credit cards are accepted, but not recommended due to a lack of privacy.

* Asia

Prices start from US$300 for a PO Box; and from US$699 up to US$750 for a street address depending on the locale, plus postage forwarding deposit and setup fees, if any. Some of the locales are: Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.

* Western Europe

prices range from Euro 450 for a PO Box; Euro 650 and up for street address plus postage forwarding deposit, plus a setup fee.

* South Africa

Euro 450 for a PO Box; Euro 595 for street address plus postage forwarding deposit and a setup fee. Street address with full secretarial facilities including fax and telephone answering service just Eur750 per year plus a Eur200 one time set up fee.

* Australia/New Zealand

prices vary from Eur450 for a PO Box; Eur595 for street address plus postage forwarding deposit, plus a setup fee. Voice/Fax to e-mail service available (at extra cost.)

* Canada

PO Box at Eur450 plus postage forwarding deposit and Euro 150 setup fee.

* Cuba

For non Americans, US$400 for a street address.

* Costa Rica

US$595 plus US$50 postage and a one time setup fee of US$75

* South America

not cheap, e-mail for a quote.

* Japan

US$350 plus a one time setup fee of US$150 plus US$50 postage deposit.

* UK

There is a one time set up fee of GBP 100 for each service in the chart below. ID and utility bill now required under 2011 UK law.

Service Annual Fee Per Item Fee Remailing Fee Postage Deposit Total Inc. 1 time Set-up Fee
£475 £0.00 £1.50 £25 £600
Standard £400 £1.25 £1.50 £25 £525
Discount £375 £1.75 £1.50 £25 £500

If you expect only a low volume of mail, perhaps being forwarded once a month or less, then choose the Discount Maildrop - low annual fee and a charge of £1.75 (plus postage) per envelope we send (this could contain several pieces of your mail).

If you need mail sent on once every week or two, then the Standard Maildrop may be more cost effective. A higher annual fee, but only £1.25 (plus postage) per envelope.

Or, if you are expecting a higher volume of mail, with almost daily forwarding, then the Premium Maildrop would be the best option. For a very competitive annual fee, you have your mail forwarded with NO fees per item other than the postage costs.

Note we DO NOT offer service in the United States due to strict ID requirements.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Please e-mail for the latest updates on locales, prices and terms of service.

Thank you.