Luxembourg Personal or Company Bank Account

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This Luxembourg Bank provides personal and or company transactional banking services, including payments, cash management, and custody services. They put their  clients at the center of your interest and generate real-time solutions with related business unites to deliver value to your business. Being your Bank they promise to  take care of your needs as they care about your own wallets. You will feel yourself comfortable and confident working with therm. 

Ebanking and a business card are included.

Pseudonymous account 

At the request of clients who are natural persons, the Bank may in its sole discretion and in certain specific circumstances (protection of privacy for public figures, renowned artists or  sports celebrities, etc.) arrange for the name of the Client to be kept confidential by means of using a number or pseudonym to identify the Client’s account(s), on grounds which  must be entirely legal and clearly justified in writing in accordance with regulation in force in Luxembourg, subject to payment of applicable fees.

? How to open an account for a corporate client? 
A. The person or company should provide a completed bank questionnaire with a description of the Company’s activity, a set of completed and signed standard banking  forms/applications and copies of required corporate documents including ownership structure. The questionnaire is emailed to you once we have received your order and payment.

? Is there a need to visit the Bank for account opening?
A. The bank would be glad to welcome you in their offices in Luxembourg. However, they are also ready to consider your application remotely based on all necessary documents provided.

? Which kind of certification does the bank accept for corporate documents?
A. We accept notarised copy or copies certified by an institution regulated by financial authority in a country considered equivalent to Luxembourg for AML requirements. Please  note that currently certification from banks in Russia cannot be accepted as such.

? How long does it take to issue a corporate Business Card?
A. One week plus time for delivery to your office.

? May I receive and hold securities on my account and if so, of which type? 
A. Yes, clients may receive and hold securities in custody at the bank. Please contact your Account Manager to clarify eligibility of any particular security.

? What will be our main contact after account has been opened?
A. Personal Account Manager will be assigned to you to whom you will be able to address all your questions (in English, French, or Russian). You can also send your queries to  the group e-mail in order to receive the prompt feedback.

? What are the KYC and banks compliance requirements?
A. No presence of client is needed to open a bank account. Emailed scanned copies are enough. Most nationalities are acceptable to the bank, subject to the client’s countries reporting  requirements, i.e. FATCA, CRS, etc. Notarized high definition scanned (no snap shots) copies of your passport and a utility bill showing the same name as in your passport less than  two (2) months old are required.

? What is the cost for a personal and or a company account?
A. The cost for a personal or company account (if you provide all correct and current company documents is Euro 1,999.
Add Euro 1,250 for an offshore company in a jurisdiction that will be acceptable to this Luxembourg bank, i.e. Hong Kong, Belize, etc.


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