European Union Personal or Company Bank Account

A True Banking Opportunity!


Banking in Latvia.

Do not require bank reference normally- only in rare circumstances. Account number can be  generated the same day but account fully
operation within 5-10 banking days. 

- business  plan  (imperative  to include where money will go and where money  will  come  from-  if  there is a copy of contract or agreement
would be ideal)

- short resume of beneficiary
- passport copy  (depending on nationality might need to be certified)
- utility bill dated less than 3 months

If you have an exiting company you can use it for a company  account subject to the bank requirements, which follow;

For the company-IBC -itself:
all company papers must be Apostilled:
- COI,  M&A,  appointment  of  1st  director,  register  of  member and director, share certificate.

In the event you require a company with apostilled company papers, add euro 1,450 for this and  include three names in order of preference, one of which should  be available for creation.

This bank can also cater for  merchant  account. However pharmaceutical and online dating etc is not possible.

Cost for all of the above is Euro 1,500 plus the bank will debit your  account Euro 350 from your opening deposit. Add Euro 1,250 for 
your own offshore company.


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