July 1, 2000- Resist Enumeration

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Resist Enumeration

The American Social Security Number has become a de facto National Identification Number. It is now used to register, locate, and track nearly every single person living in America. However, governmental requirements to universally number citizens for identification purposes run contrary to Biblical principles. When the Social Security Act was first being considered the religious community raised strong objections to using a number for identification. To offset the objections, proponents of the Social Security Act gave their assurance that the numbers would never be used for general identification purposes. It was for this reason that Social Security Cards, for many years, included the statement printed upon the face of the cards, "NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION".

Today, more and more people are being confronted by ever increasing demands to "identify" themselves, particularly when dealing with government agencies, by using their social security number. As the demands for SSNs steadily increase, more and more people are beginning to ask why - why does the government need all this personal information linked to my SSN? And why am I being pressured into getting a social security number for my children? The Bible provides answers to these questions, along with instruction on how we should respond to the ever-increasing demands for citizens to be numbered. God's People are admonished, by clearly stated example, to resist being numbered by government. We're told that King David wanted to "know the number of the People" under his authority (2 Samuel 24:2). The "People" are now, once again facing new demands from the modern day "kings" to be numbered and registered. And again it is the responsibility and duty of the PEOPLE to resist; regardless of how powerful or godly the particular ruling authority claims (or appears) to be, and regardless of the sincerity of their justifications. For, it is the PEOPLE that will be held accountable if they do not resist.

Government has risen up to deceive and mislead political leaders, and has provided them with ample causes and justifications to number the citizens. Having believed the lie, these present-day leaders are now promoting their own new numbering agendas - which, they assure us, will collectively "cure all the world's problems."

CITIZENS WERE "CONNED" In 1996, America witnessed what was referred to as the "Republican Revolution." At that time the "conservatives" in Congress vowed to reduce the overall size of government by making it more "efficient." But what we got instead was the "Conservative Republican Congress'" (CRC) "Contract On the Nation" (CON), which saddled this country with a huge amount of new registration and enumeration requirements. As a result of the new CRC federal enactments, every person must register with the government using a social security number in order to get a job (New Hires Database Registry); to get married or divorced; to get any type of license (Child Support laws); to get a birth certificate (Welfare Reform and Immigration Control); to enrol in public school (Federally Funded Grants); or to open a bank account or transfer money (Financial Crimes and Child Support Enforcement).

Another consequence of recent federal Acts is the ever-increasing pressure for children to be numbered. Parents are routinely "coerced" into numbering their children at birth before they leave the hospitals. Then, they're frightened into fingerprinting and registering their children so that they'll be able to "identify" the remains should their child ever be "abducted." And, when they take their child to "register" in school one of the first bits of information requested is their child's social security number. Also, as a result of the CON, all children must now be numbered with a social security number in order for parents to take the annual child tax deduction.

Where are the Churches?

As Biblically offensive as the new numbering requirements are the corporate churches are offering little or no resistance. For, to do so might jeopardize their tax-exempt status - which they're not inclined to do. Even so much as speaking out against government numbering requirements could jeopardize a church's tax-exempt status. However, with the entire governmental belt tightening taking place, reporting requirements are bound to eventually be imposed even upon churches.

It's no secret that the IRS is incrementally working towards achieving the capability to pre-determine each and every person's annual tax liability. Ultimately, taxpayers will not need to fill out even a single tax form - the IRS will do all the calculations for them. But, in order to realize their ultimate goal, the IRS must be able to obtain a record of every financial transaction engaged in by every single taxpayer - including their "charitable contributions." In 1995, the project manager for the IRS's Document Processing System, Coleta Brueck, descried the so-called "Golden Eagle" return. She said the government was working on a computer upgrade that would enable the agency to automatically gather all relevant aspects of a person's finances, sort it into appropriate categories, and then tally the tax due. "One-stop service," as Brueck put it.

The information would also be fed to other government agencies, as well as states and municipalities, which would draw upon it for their own purposes. She vowed "absolutely" that this will one day happen, apparently assuming that Americans would be grateful to be relieved of the burden of filing any taxes. The government would simply take its due. Brueck is reported to have said that the system in place at the time the statement was made already provided most of the needed capability.

She said: "We know everything about you that we need to know. Your employer tells us everything about you that we need to know. Your activity records on your credit cards tell us everything about you that we need to know. Through interface with Social Security, with the DMV, with your banking institutions, we really have a lot of information, so why ... at the end of the year or on April 15, do we ask the Post Office to encumber itself with massive numbers of people out there, with picking up pieces of paper that you are required to file? ... I don't know why. We could literally file a return for you. This is the future we'd like to go to." [Chicago Tribune, January 20, 1995, also "Wired" Magazine article, "E-Money (That's What I Want)," by Steven Levy December 1994]

The IRSs upgrade program was eventually de-funded by Congress, but the agency clearly has not abandoned the concept. At some point in the near future, in order to maintain their tax-exempt status, churches in America will be required to start collecting social security numbers from their parishioners so that their "tithe contributions" can be reported to the IRS. Only then will the IRS be able to calculate for the taxpayer the exact amount of their annual "tithe tax rebate." Will the church then resist?

The Global Plan for Enumeration

There are also ongoing efforts now under way on the global scale to impose numbering and registration requirements upon ALL the people of the world. There is, in fact, a universal "registration requirement" included as a part of the United Nations' "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights." As found under Article 24, item number 2 the U.N. Treaty states that: "Every child shall be registered immediately after birth...." And, political and corporate leaders from twenty of the world's most powerful countries have formed a group known as The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The group formed specifically for the purpose of drafting a "Constitution of a Single Global Economy." The OECD's agreement, known as the "Multilateral Agreement on Investment" (MAI), will establish a global economic framework within which any country, and any industry, desiring to compete in the world economy will be required to comply with. And these Power-brokers are in a position to make it happen.

Another global organization known as the Global Chipcard Alliance has agreed to standardize all cashless electronic funds transfer cards known as "SmartCards". These cards, already in use in some countries, contain a tiny computer chip that facilitates and records every financial transaction. The Global Chipcard Alliance recently announced that it had agreed on a soon-to-be-unveiled "logo" which, they assure us, will eventually become universally recognized as representing buying and selling. They refer to the new transaction "logo" as the "service mark." No one will be able to access the SmartCard financial system unless they are first registered in the system and use SmartCards bearing the Alliance's "mark."

New Technologies

Biometric identification technologies have now been developed which electronically scan a person's unique individual features (such as a fingerprint, face, or retina) and convert the data into a "number" facilitating automated identification, enumeration, and registration. Biometric identification is currently being used in the administration of various government services and programs such as food stamp programs, immigration control, and driver licensing. Just within the past few years, pioneering companies in the SmartCard industry have announced plans to incorporate biometric identification technologies into their card systems for verification and authorization purposes.

The Final Chapter

Enumeration for self-aggrandizement - the registering of people for the sole purpose of giving "the king" a sense of self-fulfillment and the people a sense of "security" - is what we've been experiencing the past few years. All of the many new enumeration and registration technologies and requirements now being implemented merely serve to provide the necessary social conditioning for future "bigger - better" schemes. The generations that will grow up having been "numbered at birth" will not know how or why to resist. Implementation of a universal identification and financial transactions system is taking place incrementally, but at an ever-increasing pace. Nevertheless, participants in the coming global economic system WILL HAVE MADE a conscience decision to accept the new standardization and unification scheme. And, they will, thereby, have made a conscience choice to be identified, enumerated, and registered by the system. For the first time in the history of civilization, we now have the technology, the capability, and apparently the willingness, to number and register every single human being on earth, (presently estimated at being somewhere around six billion people).

All the necessary technology now exists to establish the "Beast System" spoken of in Revelation 13. Those people who believe they'll find "safety and security" in registering, numbering, and identifying with the coming (global) System are living under strong delusion. The state cannot secure for the people what God has reserved solely to His own sovereign authority.

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