The all American 2nd identity kit

When Your Identity Is Considered A Privileged Activity To Be Controlled And Licensed By The State Via A Social Security Number or National Identity Card, It's Time To Fight Back With:

The Complete Foreign Drivers License Set For The Free Spirit National!

100% Customisable For Any Purpose: Citizenship, Societies, Organizations, Church Groups, etc.

Complete - Only Euro 1,250!

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You Receive

  • Asian Driver license (printed in English) to your exact specifications.
  • Accompanying International Drivers License (from the same country.)
  • Everything you need to lay a solid foundation as to who you are and your lawful status.
  • Fast turn around time with courier delivery right to your door step.


  • Use for: Positive ID. Cashing Check/Money Orders, Applications, Opening Bank Accounts, Establishing Status and much much more!
  • Photo Scan! Your photo and signature are scanned at Super High resolution and printed on each DL and IDL.
The DL's are sent courier prepaid. You'll be proud to carry these impressive documents.


All orders are processed and sent within 7-14 days from receipt of your application forms and paid order, (normal delivery time is one month.)


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Privacy World Limited does not and will not knowingly make false or fake ID. We act solely as a referral to a printer making documents to your specification(s). Our DL's are custom made and do not attempt to duplicate or replicate any government issued DL cards. Due to the quality and authenticity, our ID's are readily accepted in most places. Privacy World Limited cannot and will not be held liable for any use or misuse of any ID printed per your instructions.

These DL's are created for those who cherish their privacy and want acceptable alternate identification. All of our ID products are genuine and original. There is no such thing as a 'fake' of an original, therefore it is impossible for our DL's to be classified as fakes.

Our DL's have worked successfully for over eight years in most situations. There is no need to produce or carry fake government issued ID unless you are trying to obtain so-called government privileges and benefits. These DL's are 100% for novelty purposes and we do not warrant there use otherwise. If you do not understand this, then do not order.

STOP ASKING for us to make fake ID or duplicates of government ID's... IT'S AGAINST THE LAW, SO WE WON'T MAKE THEM! All such e-mail requests will go unanswered.