International business and investment trusts

We offer a deluxe package, which includes the first year of administration for just €1250.

Processing time is very fast. All bearer share companies, trusts and foundations are dispatched within 7 to 14 working days from the time your payment is cleared. Please select three names in order of preference for your entity, one of which should be available for processing. Annual administration fees are amongst the least expensive worldwide, US$300 per annum.

All companies and entities come with apostille papers and a blank apostille power of attorney so that you can appoint a person to run your company. This adds an extra layer of anonymity to your business dealings as no one except you will know whom you appoint.

The offshore incorporation package comes complete with Articles of Incorporation, notarized Power of Attorney with Apostille, Nominee Directors, Bearer Share Certificates, Minutes of Board Resolution, Letters of Resignation from Directors, Certified English Translation of documents and a Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille included. Prices are the same for all kinds of structures, Offshore Corporations, Offshore Trusts, or Offshore Foundations.

Please be advised that a new law (law 64,) was passed on Thursday February 3, 2005, related to the new fiscal reform in Panama which establishes that the initial government franchise fee of US$250.00 has to be paid at incorporation time, and not as previously established. This first year government franchise fee is included in all our structure fees.

NOTE: A European Union bank account can be included so your entity can have a company bank account with Internet banking, an ATM card and bank codes for secure Internet banking for just Euro 1,000 additional cost at time of acquisition.

We also offer off the shelf IBITs, which are ready to use for just Euro 1,450. They also come with one year of administration and a certificate on good standing and non-trading. For a list of current names of IBITs available please ask with your paid order.

NOTE: If there are any special needs or problems, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

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