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Do you realize under new US laws it is a felony with a 5 year prison sentence to use false ID to open or operate via a mail drop or to use ANY federal facilities, including driving an automobile on US highways, using Federally insured banks, traveling on airlines, etc? Try getting a US passport with someone else's birth certificate and you'd get 25 years! Frightening isn't it? New and ever drastic laws are essentially saying, "Let's deprive ALL CITIZENS their right to privacy and freedoms, in order to catch a handful of real criminals!"

Don't believe me? Read on!

  • President Alberto Fujimori of Peru was stopped and searched for drugs by American Airline employees recently while traveling on official government business in the USA.

  • Between 1987 and 1996, US banks filed more than 77 million Currency Transaction Reports with the US Treasury Dept. This deluge of paperwork resulted in a mere 580 convictions.

    "More than 99.999% of those [who] had their privacy invaded were law-abiding citizens going about their own personal financial business." Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) "The Electronics Payments" newsletter June 1999.

  • A couple was divorced in the USA after just 5 years of marriage. The wife was awarded 50% of all assets, sole custody of their child PLUS 50% of her husbands (a doctor,) future earnings for the rest of their lives!

  • Another couple in Florida had their automobile confiscated by the police because of drugs. The couple in their 70's, had their car stolen and the kid's, whom smoked pot during their joy ride, were totally responsible! It took 13 months and $4,500, nearly the auto's value, to recover their car. The husband had a heart attack and was hospitalized during this time, no doubt as a result of the stress from this ordeal through no fault of their own.

  • All innocent person's mail at a certain mail drop in central London, was opened and placed under surveillance due to a high profile fugitive from Connecticut having a former mail drop at the facility.

  • Governments especially the United States, are setting up and using newsletters and web sites as fronts to catch 'criminals,' trying to get their money legally offshore.
The list could go on and on but I think you get the point. Privacy as we know it is dead. Worse the large majority of the population cares little or nothing about this. Governments are in CRISIS mode to stop the hemorrhaging from the loss of tax revenue caused by funds leaving their homeland like never before. According to a recent report from the United Nations, 50% of ALL world-wide funds are now offshore! No wonder governments are enacting ever more draconian laws to stop this. I believe what one of our customers Mr. Hyman wrote, says it all. We reprint his letter in it's entirety and with his permission. (Name changed to protect the innocent.)

"My grandparents fled Russia with my father during the 1917 revolution and because of the killing of Jews! Unfortunately they fled to Germany! I remember clearly the stories my grandmother told us as children about the old days. We learned our lessons well. My mother and father saw the handwriting on the wall in Nazi Germany. Fortunately my father had (illegally) stashed away enough money in a numbered Swiss bank account that enabled us to flee to South America in the nick of time. He did this even though it was a death sentence in Nazi Germany for ANYONE having a bank account outside Germany. I recall vividly people having to take a wheel barrow full of old German marks to buy a loaf of bread. They didn't break any 'laws' at the time, but they did end up penniless or dead with the inflation and eventual collapse of the Mark and the country.

In particular I recall my father begging my aunt and uncle and upstairs neighbor Mrs. Rothstein, to flee before it was too late. I recall quite well what Mrs. Rothstein (our landlady) said in reply: 'Leave? We can't leave. What am I going to do with my mothers rocking chair and keepsakes? Our Synagogue and all our friends are here. I was born and married in this house and my parents are buried down the road. Our Rabbi says everything will be alright. How can you suggest such things?' Our relatives and friends that didn't pay attention to my father's warnings all died in the holocaust. They died as result of not taking action after seeing clear signs that something was very wrong.

After 15 years in South America we saw many similar government policies taking hold and left for the United States. I got married and we started a business and did very well for ourselves for more than 40 years. We are grateful to America for the opportunity it gave us. Our children and grandchildren were born in America and have had a great education. Unfortunately we see the very same warning signs my parents and grandparents saw before us, now taking hold in this once great land. My wife and I are leaving for good. Our children aren't and we feel this is a great mistake, but everyone is entitled to live their own lives and make their own choices.

You asked what the straw was that broke the camels back in our decision to leave? There wasn't any one thing, but a series of events over a long period of time. Being fined by OSHA for a dry cleaning business we had just purchased under threat of being shut down and losing our entire investment. Then sued by HUD for discrimination! Can you imagine that, a Jew discriminating against someone? Our insurance company paid the claim though we denied any wrong doing and wanted to go to trial to defend ourselves. But the insurance company decided (against our wishes) it was less of a risk for them just to pay, rather than face a possible larger judgment by a less than friendly jury. Result? After the insurance company settled the lawsuit they dumped us and we had to get insurance at 5 times the cost that we previously paid annually!

Then there was the time my wife was denied boarding a flight to visit our grandchildren because she didn't have any picture ID, (she doesn't drive.) We eventually got there but missed our original flight because of new 'safety' laws. We were never told prior to our flight that this was a requirement even though we booked direct with the airline. The airline told my wife to go to the motor vehicle department and get a state issued ID card with her picture and social security number on it for future flights!

Perhaps it is the fact that our neighbors 15 year old daughter is pregnant or that our 7 year old grandson is checked for guns and other weapons while going through a metal detector prior to being allowed into school! And of course there is the inevitable run in with the IRS. Anyone in America whom is successful and makes money will 100% for sure have a run in with the IRS. The IRS is the closest agency to resemble the Gestapo yet! I know because I've dealt with and seen what both can do personally. I recall one particularly nasty audit when the IRS agent asked me if I had a foreign bank account. I replied no and the female IRS agent said, "That's good because if you do and don't report it, that is a serious offense and all your assets will be frozen."

At first my wife and I discussed these and other matters but for a long time we both were in denial. Then one day when I was looking for a particular book, I found a letter my grandfather wrote to my father just before my grandfather died. He told my father: 'Never forget that religious and personal freedoms aren't taken away all at once. Rather it's done a little at a time so no one sees or realizes what's happening! If people are lied to often enough, most begin to believe the lie. All of a sudden you wake up and realize what you thought was there, isn't any longer. When your leaders are liars and cheats, it's time to leave!'

The freedom loving America that we came to and loved no longer exists. The freedoms and privacy of 40 years ago are gone forever. People don't seem to notice or care anymore. People say; America, love it or leave it. Well, we love America but lost faith in the people running it so we are leaving those people running it.

If you feel this letter could benefit just one person, then you have my permission to reprint it if you change our name and new country of residence."


Hyman Z.


The above letter makes a chilling statement and clearly shows what most people know, but choose not to think about or confront. Governments, all governments do not want anyone to have privacy. With privacy the governments can not control you, your actions and your money! Most people don't realize that Switzerland originally created NUMBERED bank accounts to protect German Jews from the Nazi death penalty for having a foreign bank account.

If you have your money outside your country of residence, your money is outside the reach of your government in most cases. However if the government KNOWS where your money is, it is simply a matter of picking up the phone and making a call to freeze or arrest your account in most, but not all jurisdictions. This is done WITHOUT the formal or necessary legal requirements of filing papers with the proper governmental authorities. Nowadays it's simply an informal telephone call from one government official to another. Clearly illegal, but an every day occurrence.

Remember it is NOT illegal to have an offshore bank account if you are a US citizen or resident. However if you have an offshore bank account you are required by law to report it. Not reporting it can get you into serious difficulties with the authorities. Of course if you report the account, then you lose your anonymity and privacy. What good does it do to have an offshore account without anonymity?


Privacy World has found a loop hole and what a beauty it is. Please understand we DO NOT condone anyone breaking laws. Why break any laws when you can accomplish your goals legally? There is nothing wrong in finding a legal loop hole and using it. The largest corporations and wealthiest people do it all the time, so why not you?

While having an offshore Bank account IS a US reporting requirement, having an offshore ATM CARD in an anonymous name with an amount of money is NOT a reporting requirement under our understanding of current US laws. If the ATM Card is not an account, you do NOT have to report it, get it?

Privacy World can offer you an ATM card with NO name or ID required. I repeat NO ID and absolutely NO notarizations required!

If that interests you read on!

How much would you pay for an anonymous, judgment proof ATM card from which you can draw unlimited amounts of cash anywhere in the world, 24 HOURS A DAY?

Imagine this situation:

You are moving to (or already living in) a country full of grasping, corrupt public officials who can be relied upon to tax, confiscate seize and freeze everything in sight. There are also kidnappers and others around who might cause you trouble if they knew you had access to large sums of cash. You want to be able to access a few hundred dollars in cash spending money every few days in a low profile way. You get your anonymous "ATM card" and for the rest of your life you have access to cash anywhere in your home country or abroad quite anonymously. You go up to an automatic teller machine, insert the card, press buttons asking for the screen to print out in your language and spew out the cash you want. You identify yourself only by PIN number. No signature or identity documents are ever required for cash withdrawals. You don't need to "trust" anyone. After paying the fees for setting your ATM card up, you can make the transfer of funds to a major international bank in a first class offshore banking center. If anything goes wrong or the application is refused, your set up fee will be refunded in full, immediately.

To get this truly anonymous ATM card all we require is "any" picture ID with a signature sent to us along with the application form. This option is only US$500. You can expect your totally anonymous Card to be processed in 14 working days and we can start to proceed with clear fax copies or by attached JPEG email, (ID with application form) once your payment has been received.

Details: How your ATM card Works:

Once we receive your ATM fee, we supply you with an application for your ATM card. Only the name from your camouflage passport or other ID need appears on the card. Your signature is never required for ATM cash withdrawals. The bank does not know your true name or identity. You can use a ready made ID for instant access. Alternatively you may choose any name (not already in use at that bank) for you by purchasing an Int'l DL or camouflage passport direct from us. Just email and ask for details.

The cost for the anonymous ATM card is just $750 and is less than others charge just for setting up a corporation or inferior asset protection plan. Use the ATM as a credit/charge card facility at Maestro locations as well! All this and more is yours for the asking.

Privacy yes, Crime No!

Important Note:

This ATM card may not be used for laundering money or to further any activity defined as criminal at the site of the bank. If in doubt, ask us! Under new international "know your client" regulations, no one but you will know your real identity. You may use a "pen name" in dealing with us. It would be a bad idea, but, you can if you wish, make deposits to your card direct and in person at any of the branches of any international bank. You could even arrange to make check or wire transfer withdrawals in person but this would compromise your anonymity. Details will be supplied upon establishing an account.

Withdrawal limits:

In most countries, there is a limit of approximately $500 per card use. But there is no daily limit, and no limit on how many times you can use the card to withdraw cash. Some countries and some ATM machines may have different rules. Generally speaking, you can empty out your account at any time. We suggest a minimum opening balance of $1,000 but is not required to avoid charges, and we recommend that except for emergencies, the balance be kept at more than the absolute minimum.

DO YOU WANT YOUR OWN anonymous ATM card?

You pay OUR COMPANY, Privacy World S.A. at the address below, $500 for providing you with full details, and an application. We will e-mail or fax you the application. You simply fill out the application and return to our fax or email address. We are not a party to your transactions, monetary or otherwise. After the introduction is made, you are all set and ready to go in 14 days or less.

In about 3 weeks, you will receive your ATM card. If the anonymous feature of the ATM card is of no use to you, we suggest you let us know. We can make cheaper setup arrangements for a simple offshore account to a named and identified individual who merely wants a regular ATM, MasterCard or other credit card or directly to the account of your corporation that we can easily set up for you as well. With your card you receive detailed instructions on this subject.

Annual Charges:

Just as with most credit cards, and corporations, there are annual charges more fully explained in the "Introduction" letter. You will be able to withdraw cash anonymously, up to certain limits, out of a wall anywhere in the world where the ATM system is operative. Presently there are tens of thousands of locations accessible all over the world, with new ones opening every day. You can immediately withdraw up to US$3,000. Only US$100 is required, (after opening,) to maintain your ATM Account in good standing. You just put the card in any Automatic Teller Machine at any bank & enter your pin number to take out cash. Each time you use the ATM you will incur bank charges around US$5 per transaction. But we have found you come out far ahead because charges and exchange rate spreads are much greater on cashing traveler's checks or changing cash into local currency. In a few countries you will be able to use your "Anonymous ATM card as a charge card. Only a person who has the ATM CARD and who knows the PIN code can make withdrawals. The anonymous ATM card is far better than the bearer savings account or Austrian Sparbuch! With a Sparbuch, for any transaction you must go to the bank (Austria,) in person or risk loss by sending it via mail. Your Sparbuch balance is in a minor currency (Shillings) linked to the Deutschmark now the Euro which has depreciated 13% in value against the dollar since January. With the Anonymous ATM-CARD , you can get CASH 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week anonymously, anywhere in the world!

The Anonymous ATM card is linked to the USA Dollar.

"The best anonymous privacy tool yet at thousands of dollars less than inferior products, " says, Dr. Seymour Samson.

While there can be direct access to the Bank by fax, mail instructions, phone or otherwise, we strongly recommend that (for anonymity) all such activity is transacted in private., i.e. pgp email or by phone calls from a public telephone booth with a special code word YOU SET UP DIRECTLY WITH THE BANK.

Under the standard arrangements, any funds are JUDGMENT PROOF. Tinker with the deal and this important protection may be lost.


You must get a local opinion in your home country as we are not tax lawyers. However, in most countries, the arrangement described here is a tax neutral, non-reportable event much like keeping cash savings in your mattress. As the "ATM card is not "owned" by you, it is not reportable in countries that require an annual balance sheet to be filed. As it pays no interest, it is not reportable in those countries requiring an annual disclosure of offshore income. You are responsible for complying with your own local rules and regulations.

To Re-capitulate:

  • Use ANY picture ID to open...
  • No ID required to access funds in cash...
  • No Signature required to access your funds in cash...
  • Only US$100 to maintain account in good standing without bank charges...
  • 24 Hour Instant access worldwide to your CASH funds...
  • Your real name unknown to bank, not linked to card...
  • Deposit & Withdrawals in Anonymity ...
  • Limited Supply available. The program since limited will not attract the negative attentions of mass marketed programs that some insecure government's feel are a threat....
  • Double Protection of Bank Secrecy plus true anonymity...
  • Chose your own name or use your existing picture ID...
  • Set your own cash balance after opening deposit of $1,000...
  • Totally Anonymous & Transferable...
  • Protected by bank secrecy laws ...
  • No reporting requirements that we know of...
  • Better than the Austrian Sparbuch...
  • Use like any Credit/Charge Card at Maestro facilities...
  • Wire transfers or checks into and out of ATM account...
  • Flexible arrangements for known customers Extremely Low Profile...
  • Card can be replaced if lost or stolen...
  • Carry in your Wallet Like an ordinary card...
Originally supplied to several clients for US$1,500... Personally used and recommended by Dr. Seymour Samson and Dr. Julian Potts... Total Set-up Cost: $500. Comes with complete instructions and all particulars. To open remit funds for USD$750 which includes the set-ups fee's and our introduction fee. [Ask us about your preferred method of transferring funds]:

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To order by credit card or E-gold Quick Pay and for your ATM Card application send us an e-mail to: with the subject heading "E-Gold Quick Pay".

Just give us your preferred method of payment. (Please add 5% for credit cards and US$35 for checks & money orders.) Note*** Camouflage and other photo ID document copies MUST be CLEAR and readable at our end, otherwise bank will NOT accept them.

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