Western European Union Residency Program

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Western European Residency Program!

This brand new (2013) EU residency program leads to naturalisation, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in a few short years! In brief you are required to set up a company in this Western European Union country to establish legal residence, obtain your resident papers, documents and tax ID number, etc.

As you probably realize obtaining legal residency anywhere within the European Union is no easy task, especially for persons from a third world country like China, India, Central and South America, etc. and so forth. Of course first world countries like The United States, New Zealand and Australia are easier, albeit not as easy as one would like.

Enter our "EU Residency to Nationality Program."

The three attached PDF files, in zip format, explains this residency process in a plain easy to understand language. The cost is remarkably low, considering how valuable this program is, whilst being extremely flexible indeed.

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This is a serious program for serious parties only. Please see our Residency & Citizenship disclaimer!

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