Estate planning, for Americans, by Americans

We offer world class estate planning and asset protect in numerous locations. The top locations being, Liechtenstein, The Bahamas and The Channel Islands in the U.K.

Naturally one needs a personally assessment on the financial circumstances and personal situation. We currently offer facsimile or e-mail consultation for just US$500 to best service your requirements.

Currently we are featuring The Bahamas as a top choice, first class location from just US$2,700, all inclusive.

Also, a Panama bearer share company is available at just US$950.

"One of the most effective applications of offshore trusts is in an ownership combination with a limited company." Richard Graham-Taylor, partner Ernst & Young, Grand Cayman

Questions and answers for the Bahamas momma, the IBC:

Q- How many directors does a Bahamian IBC requires?
A - An IBC needs only one director (usually the client), but it can have as many as seven directors (max.). Trust beneficiaries would be client¹s children, wife, family members, or associates, etc.

Q- Is a bank account included with the Bahamian IBC price?
A - Yes!

Q- What are the requirements for client obtaining a bank account once they have your Bahamas IBC?
A - A REFERENCE LETTERS from your banker, PASSPORT ID (photocopies and notarized), + reference letter from a doctor, lawyer or CPA that says you are an honest person.

Q- How do I get started?
A - Remit the US$2,700. E-mail for bank to bank wire details or address for courier to send a bankers cashiers cheque. Please allow three weeks for funds to clear for payments by check before we can process your order.

We send out the bank application forms to the client, the client opens the account with the bankers by providing good Bank reference letters from his US or other bankers, PASSPORT ID (photocopies and notarized), + reference letter from doctor or lawyer or CPA that says he is honest person.

We don't need the reference letter to form the company. But no decent offshore bank will give clients an account without reference letters. Reference letters are required for anyone who is the director of the company or has signature authority over company accounts.

We don't provide nominee directors. Client's run their own companies. They are the directors, and it is not a matter of public record in this country. They also control their own monies.

Trusts merely own shares in company, and one if for transfers at death. An excellent product for legal offshore estate planning for Americans.