Personal Bank Account In The European Union - The Czech Republic

European Union Personal Bank Account in the Czech Republic

Here's a good opportunity to obtain financial privacy with a first rate personal European Union Bank account in the Czech Republic.

Included is easy to use English online banking plus a debit/credit card. Requirements for this personal European Union Czech Republic Bank account application:
  1. Certified passport copy (ID CARD not accepted);
  2. Proof of residential address less than 3 months old (PO Boxes not accepted);
  3. Banker reference;
Please also inform us of the following;
The bank which we deal with in the Czech Republic needs to know the reasons/details that client needs the bank account there- just some sort of internal risk management policy due to the anti-money laundering schedules that they have to follow.

For example some of our clients working with some sort of dealings in the Czech Republic and or European Union and their lawyer wants to send some money and thus to stop fore-going payments fee.

Once the Czech Bank is satisfied with the reason, they will then proceed and your account is opened immediately.

Minimum deposit required to open the account is Euro 750 which is included in the cost for this personal account. We will forward your opening deposit direct to the bank on your behalf.

The cost for your personal European Union Czech Republic Bank account [INCLUDING your Euro 750 opening deposit] is Euro 1,749

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