Company Name Credit/Debit Card

We offer a unique opportunity in today's world, a truly anonymous debit card, which displays your company name on the card. You probably realize that this is an extremely rare occurrence in today's world as must cards are issued in your personal name only. Most banks insist on using a personal name only on their cards. This card stands head and shoulders above the rest in privacy, as the company name on your card can be used for charge purposes only, and NOT your personal name.

Included is an off the shelf bearer share company and company bank account.

To accomplish this all that is required is 3 things:

  1. A name and address, plus a contact telephone number for courier delivery purposes only.
  2. Your order and payment and a copy of your passport and utility bill less than 3 months old.
  3. Your fee of just Eur 3,995.
There is a US$1,000 dollar minimum opening deposit required. You simply wire that direct to your bank account as soon as its opened.

We suggest that you leave at least US$100 in your bank account at all times in order to maintain your account in good standing. However there must be funds available in your account and there maybe daily withdrawal limits in your area beyond the control of the card issuer.

Due to contractual agreement we are unable to provide the name of the issuing bank or the country where it is located. However suffice it to say they are not located in any risky country. It is located in a low profile, first class location. You can remit funds for your card by bank wire, Western Union, MoneyGram or Liberty Reserve.

We have a limited number of these cards available and they are going exceedingly fast so this offer is subject to a first come, first served basis.

To Order:

Click on the order form below and indicate your requirements, i.e. do you want a USD or Eur denominated credit card.

The ordering code is: Company Credit Card

Payment can be made by international bank-to-bank wire or payment via e-gold and E-bullion. Please see our payment methods page for more details on your remittance options.

Then e-mail your order to my attention. I'll send you a special reference number along with pay-in particulars if needed. Thank you.

Please note: Privacy World destroys any and all ordering information regarding your order as soon as our money back guarantee period expires.

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