Company Debit Card & Hong Kong Bank Account Number!

Maybe the Best Company Debit Card Online!


Benefits of Company Name Debit Card and Hong Kong Bank Account Number

* Your Company name on the card!
*Cards are valid for 3 years
* Dedicated Hong Kong bank account number
* Once you sign up, you’ll get a dedicated Hong Kong bank account number with your company's name, that can Connect your payment gateway
* Receive payments from your customers and disbursements from e-commerce platforms. Stripe, PayPal, Amazon

Corporate MasterCards
* This MasterCard offers the best exchange rates. Assign expense cards and enable your team members to make online and offline purchases or cash withdrawals from ATMs around the world.
* Worldwide Bank Transfers
* Make transfers locally in Hong Kong or internationally. It’s faster, easier and cheaper than a regular bank. You can set up payees in a matter of seconds and send them funds at the click of a button.
* No limit on how many cards you can get for your business. You can apply for more cards under "Cards" in the dashboard.


Loads and Spend ability [Tier 3 card holders]:
* Balance - Maximum HK$100,000
* Top Ups - Minimum HK 100
* Daily Cash Top up limit - HK$3,000
* Annual Top Up - No Limit!
* MasterCard Transactions - HK$100,000
* Annual Limit - No Limit
* Payments to same Card users (P2P)
* Limit per transaction - HK$60,000
* Daily Limit - HK$60,000
* Annual Limit - HK$60,000
* ATM Withdrawal
* Limit per transaction - HK$ 8,000
* Daily Limit - HK$20,000
* Annual Limit - HK$200,000

Business Features
* Dedicated Hong Kong bank account number - free
* Account opening and maintenance - free
* Expense management with real-time notifications - free
* Multilingual customer support - free

* Prepaid MasterCard - HK$60 PER CARD / MONTH
* ransaction Refund - HK$4
* ard Replacement - HK$50
* ATM Withdrawal - 2% HK$25 MINIMUM FEE
* Foreign Merchant Fee* - 1.5%
* inactivity Fee** - HK$12.5 MONTH
* Most merchants in Hong Kong use local payment processors, even if they are an international brand. Some merchants (e.g. UBER) use payment processors outside of Hong Kong and a 1.5% fee applies. To check the merchant country, press the transaction in your account and you will be able to view all details.
** Inactivity fee will be charged after 6 months of consecutive inactivity. No inactivity fee will be charged if the balance is ZERO.


Easy to Obtain Card Requirements

KYC requirements:
* Passport copy in color
* Recent utility bill
* Company name, date and country of incorporation (we supply this with this order.)
* Web site address, if any
* Online application to fill out


How this setup works:
You place your order online at our secure ordering form at ORDER HERE
Select three (3) names in order of preference for your tax free, non annual filing company, one of which should be available for creation, bearing in mind the suffix needs to end in Limited. Inc., S.A., etc.

Once your payment has been credited and your company has been created, [usually within 7 working days] we will email you copies of your company papers. Add Eur 100 if you wish for company papers to be dispatched to you via courier service. Then we will email you a special link for you to go to and fill in the online application for your company account. You remit your opening remittance and a small fee is charged (see



The cost for this brand new and exciting Company [in your chosen name] and Company Debit Card and Hong Kong Bank Account number is just Euro 1,250 or the US$ equivalent. That's the regular cost for our companies, so this is like getting a FREE debit card plus a Hong Kong Company Bank account number! [Add Euro 100 if you wish for your company papers to be dispatched to you via

courier anywhere worldwide.]


Should you have and would like to use your own current company, subject to your company papers being current and up to date, you can order this product using your own company for Euro 499.


Order from our secure on-line order form by clicking this link.

Your ordering code is "Company Debit Card and HK Acct. Number"
- The cost is Euro 1,250 (emailed company papers)
- or Euro 1,350 with company papers dispatched to you via courier;
- or Eur 499 if you wish to use your own company or the equivalent at XE Currency Converter.


Thank you for your custom.


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