The Bumper Book of Banks

Professional Offshore Secrets Revealed!


Ever wondered why opening offshore bank accounts is such a complicated task? Like most things, it's easy when you know how - and who!

Now you can open your own offshore accounts directly with selected bankers who will warmly welcome your business.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on international phone calls!
  • Save hours of valuable time sifting through web pages!
  • Save thousands in professional advisers' fees!
  • No need to have bank brochures mailed directly to your home
  • No need to discuss your private finances with intermediaries.
We are pleased to announce the latest edition (year 2002) of a closely-guarded offshore professional publication, the

Bumper Book of Bank Applications

. Well over a hundred pages packed with bank application forms and instructions ready for you to photocopy and use instantly. Here are a few of the accounts you can open:

  • Offshore checking accounts (plain vanilla banking)
  • Credit cards from offshore banks-no references
  • Anonymize yourself with this info
  • Anonymous Internet accounts
  • Online trading accounts
  • European Union nonresident accounts
  • Multi-currency transit accounts
  • Private Banking accounts

and more! Remember, in each case you deal directly with the source. The publishers have scoured the web and the international press so you don't have to. No fees are payable except the usual bank fees. This can save you thousands of dollars in fees for "bank introductions" and the like.

A full information table so you can see at a glance where references, ID documents, notarizations etc. are required…. and where they are not required!!!

The Bumper Book of Bank Applications covers prestige jurisdictions like Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, through to more remote havens such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Three separate banks from the up-and-coming haven of Latvia are included, together with recommendations and background information.

Although the book contains only applications for personal accounts, information is also contained on how to open corporate bank accounts at many of these banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any additional fees payable to open accounts?

You will be in direct contact with the account opening banks. Although a few do charge for account opening, most do not. Credit cards etc. usually incur annual fees. However there is absolutely no 'intermediary' charge for using these application forms.

How do I know the banks listed are the best?

The editors are offshore professionals who spend all day every day opening bank accounts for people, and they have carefully selected the listed banks as those which are the most professional, customer-driven organizations. Background information on the banks is included so you are in an informed position to make your own assessments.

How long should I allow for delivery?

Please allow 28 days for airmail delivery. If your order is urgent it can be shipped by DHL within 7 days for an extra fee.

Are these accounts available to USA residents?

Some banks will not deal with USA addresses. However, there are plenty that will, and there are easy ways around this rule even for those that say they won't. For a nominal fee mail can be routed through a drop in a foreign country, or you can simply use the bank's "hold mail" facility.


If, after purchasing the Bumper Book of Bank Applications and following the instructions contained therein, you have been unable to open a foreign or offshore bank account to your satisfaction, the publishers will refund your money in full (excluding shipping charges).

Order today!

The cost of your personal copy is just US$100 including airmail shipping. For priority handling and DHL delivery, please add $50. Please refer to our order form and payment methods page for further instructions how to order this excellent book.