Basic Credit Card and Bank Account Programs

Here is an interesting yet low cost Bank account, ATM and credit card offer. Includes Internet telephone and or fax banking, wires in and out via swift transfers.

OPEN WITH ANY passport copy, utility bill and a professional reference. (Note camouflage documents NOT accepted.)

Here's your options.

Open with only a notarized passport copy.
  1. For Euro 1,750 we supply a multi currency personal bank account including an ATM card with internet banking to authenticate your on-line banking instructions. Opening deposit is only US$1,500.oo. You supply passport ID, utility bill and a professional reference. Your signature needs to be notarized on the bank signature form.

  2. For Euro 1,999 - Same as 1 above, but you receive a Master Card. Minimum USD1,000 security deposit required for your credit card and is fully refundable when you close your account and return your credit card.

  3. For €2,450 same as number 1 above, but you receive an off the shelf, ready to use bearer share Corporation with very fast setup time.
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