Privacy World Anonymous Credit Card Program

We can procure a secured prepaid credit card with ATM access for you in your name. For that, the bank needs both: an ID, utility bill and a professional reference as well as a functional forwarding address in your name.

Regarding the ID and utility bill, you could send us a jpeg email copy of it, which will do. If you don't have an ID in your chosen name, we can help you with that. However, do send us a photo (in email copy) and personal data, including the name and phone number of you nearest relative NOT LIVING WITH YOU. (This is for security purposes, in case you want to do transactions via the phone.)

Please note, though, that if you want to buy high value goods or services on your cc, this may incur mandatory identification - it would not do at all if you gave the other party the impression that you are walking around with a credit card without sufficient ID backup. This is especially topical in the USA where such may happen fairly frequently. ATM withdrawal is no problem, of course.

Let us know if you want some additional ID backup, if only to be on the safe side, we offer a number of those. (All legit documents, no forgeries, no stolen or "lost" papers.)

As to the address, this is critical because the cc will be typically be sent by courier and recipient has to sign for receipt. If you don't have that, let us know - we can assist you involving a one time only foreign maildrop. However, you would still need a functional address in that name later for the bank to send you monthly statements.

If you want us to set up a regular foreign maildrop for these purposes, we can offer you this service from US$ 250, including: US$ 200 basic fee/yr.; US$ 30 deposit against postage and communication charges; US$ 20 one time setup fee.

This would give you an address in your chosen name at one of our numerous mail accommodation addresses around the world weekly forwarding of mail included, additional forwarding at a nominal handling fee (US$ 0.5 per letter, US$ 0.6 per fax Actual postage and communication charged incurred are always extra, and will be withheld from deposit.

Only Euro 1,500 is our flat fee for setting up the personal bank account and credit card.

After your account has been set up by us, you will receive bank coordinates to transfer funds to account, which will activate it. (Minimum deposit is US$ 200, giving you a credit line of US$ 1,500.) Following activation, the credit card will be sent to the address given. Secured mode ratio is 100:100 for funds under US$ 20,000. I.e. if you want a credit line of US$ 2,000, you will have to deposit US$ 2, 000 in account. There is no surplus necessary, but the Bank can change the rules at any time.

Once you return the card, the money is yours to transfer again.

Time frame

Due to mounting interest in this program, the bank's reaction time is a bit hard to calculate in advance. We've seen it all: from one week to a full month and a half, and as this is beyond our influence, we are reluctant to guarantee a definite time frame. However, by way of a rule of thumb, expect approximately 3-4 weeks processing time.

Moreover, should one venue not prove viable for whatever reason, we have a number of alternate additional possibilities and would try those next before giving up.

If you want us to procure an additional alternate ID in your chosen name, this may take another 2-4 weeks, depending on type of document.

Money back guarantee
Should you not receive a cc issued and compliant with the features listed above, we will refund you in full.

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