Anonymous Credit Card and Bank Account

A Hassle Free Anonymous International Offshore Bank Account & Credit Card.

Would you like to have and operate a top class bank account with a ATM cash card opened with minimal ID requirements? You can even have Internet banking including in this bargain! We are talking about a low profile first class bank with fully operational facilities via facsimile or operated via modem (Internet banking.) The bank officials are very competent providing the best and fastest services I've seen in a long time!

For a nominal cost we can provide you with a personal and or company bank account in USD, including a cash (ATM) card or a secured Visa credit card. This account can be opened with a non notarised passport copy.

If you don't have or want to use your own ID, we can provide a banking passport at minimal cost. All that is required is your name, your company name (corporate papers required), an address, email address and fax number and a copy of your passport and recent utility bill. It's as easy as that! Your account is set-up and ready to operate within a few banking days If you don't have a company, we can provide one for you at a nominal extra charge.

Here's what you receive:

  • Personal or company bank account plus
  • International Offshore Debit Credit card
  • No limit on deposits - amount or quantity
  • You can receive and send wire transfers
  • Notarization required for your passport ID
  • Internet Banking plus coded test keys
  • No references required
  • Recent utility bill required
  • YOU and only YOU control the account!
  • International debit card directly linked to the account
  • Just a 1% fee for clearing of USD checks for deposit
  • Your accounts fully operational via facsimile and/or Internet Banking
Easy to set-up, use and operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much does it cost?
A - Just €2,000 including courier delivery for your personal offshore bank account.

Q - Is there a minimum opening deposit required?
A - A US$400 minimum opening deposit is required for a personal and or a company account.

Q - Is there a minimum deposit for the ATM card?
A - There is a minimum of US$100 required for your cash, i.e. ATM card. You have immediate access to 100% of your cash card funds with your own pin number. The card would be approved for 100% of the amount of the deposit. It has its own pin number to withdraw money in the automatic cash machines worldwide.

Q - Do I send you the minimum account opening deposit?
A - No. Once we receive your order and set-up fee, we arrange the account for you. In just a day or so we'll provide you with your account details and YOU remit your opening deposits direct to the bank, as it should be.

Q - What else can the bank provide?
A - The bank is exceedingly flexible. For instance they offer products like offshore investments, mutual funds, securities, options, etc. There is even a special checking account for casinos and sports-books. Just let me know if this is of interest to you and I'll send you a quote.

Q - I don't have a passport or any company papers? What can I do?

A - Simple, just drop me an email, send me a name, a picture and your signature via jpeg-attached file, date and year of birth. Just add Euro6,500 to the order and we'll provide you with a banking passport, 100% legal document to meet the banks ID requirements. Add Euro 1,695 if you require a mail drop including a utility bill for account opening purposes.

For a company please add Euro 750 and select three names in order of preference as your choice for the name of your corporation. Note that it is taking approximately 1 to 2 weeks to get the bearer Share Corporations due to heavy demand. Alternatively add Euro 1,295 for a ready to use off the shelf company account.

Q - How do I get started?
A - Its fast and easy. Just fill out the order form below and indicate what it is you require. Payment can be made by international money order, (NO US POSTAL ORDERS-PLEASE), bankers draft, bank-to-bank wire or via e-gold. Just fill out the order form below, then fax or email to my attention. I'll send you a special reference number along with pay-in particulars if needed. To reiterate: Here's what you receive: · Personal bank account · Corporate bank account · International Offshore Credit (Visa) card OR · Cash (Gold - ATM) card · No limit of deposits - amount or quantity · You can receive and send wire transfers · No notarizations required for your passport· No references required · No utility bills required · YOU and only YOU control the account! · International Visa debit card directly linked to the account · Checking account optional (certificate of deposit required-see below.) · Just a 1% fee for clearing of USD checks for deposit. · Your accounts fully operational via facsimile. · Easy to set-up, use and operate.

Yes, I want my anonymous bank account and cash/credit card!

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Please add Euro 100 for each additional name).

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5. Address: _________________________________

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