The anonymous GSM cellular phone

For a reasonable cost we can supply a completely anonymous Quad-band GSM phone for you, including international roaming and forwarding of incoming (& outgoing) calls, data and facsimiles. Includes voice-mail and state of the art digital features.

Our anonymous international roaming chips do not have the secret "clipper" chip inside. These sim chips are on the biggest GSM network in the world and works on all frequencies [800/900/1800/1900] which includes North America (United States), Central and South America, Eastern and Western Europe plus the entire rest of the world, with Japan being an exception.

Roaming costs are the cheapest available at just US .65 cents per minute in more than 94 countries.
  • No deposits.
  • No ID
  • One price does it all. - Just $695
Includes state of the art GSM mobile with charger for European and U.S. standards. Roaming is now available within the USA!

--- Options ---
  1. Euro 300 per annum for mail drop, i.e. forwarding of your monthly billing statements.
  2. $100 for additional top off cards for adding extra time for your mobile.
  3. Please add us Euro 65 for courier delivery
Payment by bank wire, Liberty Reserve, PayPal, MoneyGram and Western Union gladly accepted.

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