The Totally Anonymous No name, No ID ATM/Debit card

Here is an interesting, yet fairly priced ATM card offer that provides total anonymity for your cash from the wall withdrawals.

This card operates anywhere in the world and spews out cash in the local currency wherever you are. For example Euro in Europe, Pesos in Mexico, AUD in Australia, USD in the United States and GBP in the United Kingdom, etc..

As you realize anonymous financial products normally sell for €uro5,000 and UP. However due to our long time relationship with source, we were able to negotiate a nice discount for our customers. For just Euro 2,350 including a first time load of US$100 and courier delivery, you can have this highly anonymous product sent direct to you anywhere in the world within days of receipt of your order and payment.

Your card can be loaded by bank wire or Western Union by you or any third person/party. Your card is a USD denominated card.

If you require a Euro based ATM card, e-mail us for the modalities and cost.

This USD denominated ATM card is best with the less hassles. So getting $/E placed on your ATM card makes this card a breeze to operate anywhere at home or while traveling.

The card operates on the major ATM systems which has hundreds of thousands of ATM machines available for you worldwide to pull cash from the wall in total anonymity. There is a flat €5 per transaction charge and the cards are valid for two years. Each card comes with a unique pin number that is sent to you by e-mail once you confirm receipt of your card for maximum security. In the event the card is lost or stolen, there is a €50 charge, plus shipping, to replace it.

The daily withdrawal limit is USD 2,500.
  • The maximum load limit on your card at any one time is USD10,000
  • The maximum MONTHLY load limit on your card is USD10,000 offering a US$120,000 card loading ability for this anonymous card.
The maximum daily load is US$2,500, which you can do for 4 days in a row for a total of UDS$10,000, as the maximum load limit is USD10,000 at any one time on the card.

For example, Monday you load US$2,500; Tuesday you load another US$2,500; Wednesday another US$2,500 and Thursday another US$2,500 for a total of US$10,000. Then on Friday or any day thereafter, you can withdraw the whole caboodle, i.e. US$10,000 or any amount less in one go, subject to the local ATM bank's policies.

This card is totally anonymous.

You can load funds onto your card by:
  • Bank wire
  • Cashiers or other Cheque's (must be made payable to a certain company's name)
  • Western Union
  • and
  • International Money Orders
[Please note: Cheque's and or moneys orders MUST be made out to source's company name. You can not use your name or just any name.]

There is a US$2,500 per day withdrawal limit in total anonymity.

Do to the extreme limit number of these valuable ATM cards, Privacy World must limited the number of these cards in order that they maintain a low profile and not attract the unwanted attention of insecure governments. Once this supply runs out, the price will increase dramatically so its strictly first come, first served.

Absolutely no ID is required for this product. All we require is a name and address for delivery and your payment. One we receive them, you're card with full particulars will be shipped immediately.

In the event you require a higher daily and/or monthly withdrawal limit you may wish to obtain a second or third card. Sorry no discounts for multi card orders.

Just Euro 2,350…including first $100 load and courier delivery direct to you.

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