US$30,000 monthly limit, Cash ATM Card!

Our banking source has been instructed to issue an extremely limited number of these highly valuable and hard to obtain $30,000 monthly ($2,500 daily) limit ATM Cards. It operates anywhere you see ATM logos/networks with more than 900,000 ATM machines available worldwide. No name appears on the card.

This ATM Card is issued from a financial institution that is well known for its friendly handling of it customers. These hard to obtain cards are available in United States of America Dollars (USD). Your card can be used anywhere in the world to buy goods and withdraw cash from ATM's in the local currency.

The Basics

Money kept on this card is untouchable to all but the bearer of the card and its secret pin code.

You will receive no statements and no mail related to your transactions. In a world of increasing intervention, it is good to know that there are still places where you can have a nest-egg.

Your PIN number comes sealed and is delivered along with your card and full loading instructions upon receipt of a fully paid order.

You can check and verify your funds on-line. A special Internet access account is included with your order. [Sign up required.]

Funding your card with funds

Money can be paid in by Western Union, cheque's, bankers draft, money orders or via a Swift or Iban wire transfer.

There is a US$30,000 limit concerning withdrawing funds per month. Max. Load: US$30,000 per month.

Deposits and correspondence should be sent to the source address given when you receive your card. Loading by e-currency is available, but there is a small surcharge to load. Full particulars comes with paid orders.

Here's how you get started:

Remit your payment of USD 660.oo to Privacy World, by Western Union, MoneyGram or a bank wire. Sorry credit cards are NOT accepted for any of our banking products. We require a name, shipping address, a short form signed and returned to us along with a scanned copy of your passport and a recent utility bill.

Once we receive payment for your order, within a few working days we'll send you your 30k no name ATM card and email you the courier tracking details.

The source for these cards has purposely limited the number of cards for sale. We trust by doing so, this will not bring unwanted attention to these products.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer before supply runs out, order now by sending us an e-mail and provide us with the e-mail address you wish the card details to be sent to.

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Alternatively just click here for our secure on-line order form .

Just indicate your preferred method of remittance for your order, MoneyGram, Western Union or bank wire. We'll send you the pay-in particulars as we soon we hear back from you.

We recommend you use pgp if you have it. Privacy World's pgp key can be downloaded at:

Be sure to send us your pgp key with your paid order and include your preferred method of payment of USD 660. For fastest service we recommend a bank wire, MoneyGram or Western Union remittances.

Thank you for your interest in Privacy World's Product's and Services

USD 660 is our flat fee for getting you the card

After we receive your secure order form and payment in full, in a few working days we will send you your 30K limit ATM cash card and email you the courier tracking details.

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Time frame

Normally you can expect your card details within a few working days.